Research Trip Update

If you follow our facebook page you’ll know that I (Matt) have been over in the US for the last few weeks on a research trip. Well, I’ve returned home and finally had a chance to review some of the footage I filmed during the trip. While the core purpose for the trip wasn’t to film I made special efforts to get as much footage as I could. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

I’m happy to report that I have around 80gb of raw footage and over 500 photographs! This covers around a dozen individual firearms – everything ranging from pistols to rifles to light and medium machine guns to anti-tank rifles! Thanks to the generosity of both the Cody Firearms Museum and my friend Chuck Kramer, of the GunLab blog, I have been able to film videos on some truly fascinating and rarely seen guns. Special thanks to both for access to their wonderful collections!

Here’s a few photos of what’s to come:

So over the next few weeks and months you can expect a stream of new content which I am very pleased to say will include more live fire footage! You can check out some more behind the scenes photos and video I’ve posted over on the TAB facebook page.

Special thanks again to Chuck and the CFM for their hospitality, patience and invaluable assistance in the filming.


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch our first two videos, read the blog and leave feedback! We have been so pleased with the response to the launch of TAB.

We realise we have had some issues with audio, we are pleased to say we have finally gotten to the bottom of these problems and the audio should be fine on all platforms and devices now. Today we have uploaded ‘fixed’ versions of both the intro and our video on the BESAL. The old videos will remain up, unlisted, so the comments aren’t lost.

We’ve already had some great feedback which we will be taking on board. The first batch of videos were all filmed over the course of two days back in April so any changes we make to production and presentation will be enacted going forward during our next batch of filming.

Following on from our first videos we will have a series of videos featuring Vic or myself individually talking about a wide variety of weapons ranging from grenade launchers to flintlocks! In the future we hope to continue this but also film more with both of us examining weapons as well as discussion videos.

We hope you enjoyed the first videos and really appreciate all the likes and positive comments we have received so far. We’re excited to share more in the coming weeks. We appreciate your support and simply ask that you help us get the word out about TAB. Share with anyone you think would enjoy our content.

Thanks again!