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We now have a range of shirts available through Spring, check them out here. Or through Redbubble here.

Armourer’s Bench ACR Colouring Book
– $6.00 + P&P


The Armourer’s Bench Advanced Combat Rifle Program Informative Colouring Book is a colouring book like no other. Containing original illustrations of all four ACR prototype rifles including the famous HK G11, it also includes a short history of the ACR program based on our in-depth research and hands on examination of the weapons!

Check out our video introducing the book here.


The eight-page 8x6in/A5 format book contains illustrations of each of the rifles and their ammunition which you can colour in whatever colours take your fancy (mostly black & green if you’re looking to be accurate).



Order the ACR colouring book here:

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Armourer’s Bench HK G11 Vinyl Stickers
(4 inches / 10 cm) – $4.00 + P&P


Based on a specially commissioned illustration of the Heckler & Koch G11 caseless rifle, these 4in slick vinyl stickers are the perfect size for sprucing up phone cases or laptops.




Order stickers here:

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Armourer’s Bench Logo Badges
– $3.00 + P&P


These 1.5 inch / 4cm badges with metal pins, feature the TAB logo.


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Drop us an email at contact@armourersbench.com if you have any questions or to let us know what sort of merch you would like to see in the future.