DP-64: Russia’s Anti-Saboteur Grenade Launcher In Ukraine

On 20 March, Russia’s State news agency RIA shared a short report from Ukraine. In it an RIA reporter looked at an interesting double-barrel grenade launcher – a DP-64.

The DP-64 was developed in the late 1980s to combat Frogmen/demolition divers. It’s described as an anti-sabotage grenade launcher to protect maritime assets. Designed at NPO “Basalt” the DP-64 is manufactured by ZiD/Degtaryev in Kovrov. 

Factory photo of DP-64 (ZiD)

In the past 18 months ZiD appear to have removed the military products from their website but using archive.org we can look at earlier caches of the site. This version of ZiD’s website from April 2021 shows the DP-64 and gives a short description of the weapon (machine translated below):

“Designed to protect surface ships, submarines (in the surface position), as well as oil and gas production offshore platforms and the coastline by mobile patrols from attack by detected combat divers and saboteurs.

The grenade launcher operates according to the scheme of a dynamo rocket-propelled grenade launcher and provides single firing of FG 45 and SG 45 grenades. It is included in the ammunition load of combat surface submarines and boats.

High-explosive grenade FG-45, which is designed to destroy combat swimmers and signal grenade SG-45, which is designed to indicate the location of combat swimmers.

The grenade launcher is mobile and lightweight. Works in any climatic conditions, easy to operate and maintain.”

In the short report gives very few details and doesn’t even mention the weapon’s name. The video’s caption, however, notes that the DP-64 is being used by a VDV unit stationed at the Kakhovka Reservoir – possibly guarding the reservoir’s hydroelectric plant. A Russian combatant interviewed mentions that it has been used against ‘DRGshnikovs’ or sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Still from RIA’s report giving a look at the DP-64 (RIA)

An b older Russian news report from around 2015, shows how the weapon is loaded and fired. It has a quadrant sight on its left side and its superposed barrels are loaded from the rear. It fires either fragmentation or indicator 45mm grenades. It has a range of up to 400m according to ZiD and is designed primarily for use against underwater targets.

The RIA news report is the first time I’ve seen a DP-64 in imagery from Ukraine. It is certainly one of the more niche weapons to appear. 

Specifications (from ZiD):

Number of barrels2
Weight of grenade launcher10kg
Maximum firing range400m
Overall length820mm

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DP-64 In Kakhovka, RIA, (source)

DP-64, ZiD site c. Apr. 2021, (source)

DP-64 Grenade Launcher, Arms-Expo, (source

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