10 Episode Recap

Earlier this week we posted our 10th episode, on the HK53, I thought this would be a good point to recap on our first 10 videos. We’ve reached over 560 subscribers and had nearly 15,000 views over on YouTube. We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had so thank you all for watching and reading. We’ll have new episodes up soon and will hopefully be filming more in the new year!

In the meantime here’s a recap of everything we’ve covered so far from 18th century breech-loaders to 20th century caseless assault rifles!

Here’s our very first video, with Vic and I introducing the project and explaining what we hope to accomplish!

Our first proper episode covered the unusual WWII British Besal Light Machine Gun.

The Durs Egg-made Crespi Breechloader with its long spear point bayonet was a personal favourite.

Vic took a look at the X11E4 ‘Belt-fed Bren’ in our 4th episode.

The extremely rare Maxim-Tokarev Light Machine Gun.

Australia’s other WWII submachine gun, the Austen.

In Episode 7 I took a look at the US M45 .50 cal Quadmount

Vic took a look at not one but two Heckler & Koch G11s in Episode 8!

I took a look at the Chilean prototype FAMAE PAF submachine gun in Episode 9.

Finally, in Episode 10 I took a quick look at the handy Heckler & Koch HK53 carbine

Thanks for watching, reading, subscribing and commenting on the videos we’ve posted so far. It means a lot to us that so many people have enjoyed our content so far and we look forward to sharing much, much more with you!

Thanks again,


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